Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blog Hop 13

Its the final day of our blog hop and I want to say thanks to all my EDT who participated for their hard work and to all the fans who dropped by for their support.
Have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you after DEC 25---don't forget we have a challenge starting on the 21st-Last Minute shopping-this is my Stitchy Bear Image for that challenge-I think its cute and appropriate for the season.

Enjoy the hop today!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Preview 2013

Heres a brief preview of another image that will be launching in Late Jan 2013 along with several other OUT OF THIS WORLD images.

Are you hooked up with our various contact media-like Facebook, Paper Craft Planet and my Monthly newsletter? The way to know what's happening, get the best discounts and exclsuive free digi's is to be a part of the newsletter-request to be added to the Emailing list by sending your email addy and a request to b added to

Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking forward to next year

Wow tomorrow is 12 -12 -12 Decmeber 12, 2012 can you imagine? i remember vividly when we were all waiting sround for the year 2,000.

I will be doing MANY blog sponsorings next year and even some GDT spots since I am now colouring and creating with my own images.

Jan 1, 2013 I will be doing the Desert Island Crafts Challenge and alsothe Altered ALice Blog during january.

Here is a preview of an image I will be using for DICC as a project:

One of my Randi Dandi images she is called NINA NOUVEAU and will not be available until the first week of January.

Many of next years new image roll outs will take place as part of sponsoring challenge blogs and our team doing GDTs so watch my blog for info on where I am sponsoring and what may be seen there as far as new designs.

Almost the end of the hop-kinda sad but with the holidays comingwe all have busy schedules.

Hope you enjoy todays image on Airless Chambers...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog Hop day 10

Part 2 of my EDT retrospective:

Miranda's Tree Monster Tag

Sharon's Decoratin to do and also:

This winter wonderland using Frosty Jr and three chimeny cottage

Aletha's Making snow friends

Lady B's Prezzies and Chreepmas Toys

Pauline's Blustery Day

and finally Suzi's Clwn Troupe

It will be exciting to see what is produced during 2013
Hope you've enjoyed another look at some of our fall/winter projects.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blog Hop Day 9

Only a couple weeks till Christmas-wher has the year gone-I guess busy people don't have time to get bored and we certainly have been busy this fall.

I have added a new set of BOOKMARKS with boys, girls. heart and a bookworm which I really like all with zentangle backgrounds you can find them HERE. The arealso 4 to a sheet for a set price.

Monique's zombie Alice.

Donna takes on Randi Dandi

Gloria's Remembrance Lady

Nataliya;s Snow Queen

Helen's Autumn Goddess

Hazel's Santa with Pipe

Elaine's Pumpkin Head Witch

Helene's elegant Hexology

Stay tuned for part 2 of my EDT retrospective...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 8 of the blog hop

There are some fabulous images coming in the next few days all sliding in to our grand finale on Dec 13.

I doin't think Ive poste this by EDT member Helene who is our talented member from Sweden was recently at a show in Stolkholm-apparently one of the largest scrapbooking/papercrafting shows in Europe/Scadenavia.

Like most atendess she was collecting free stuff and she picked up a copy of this magazine:

Inzpira is (i assume) like INSPIRE in English and is a popular magazine that has a monthly feature on a designer with a couple sample pictures.

Helene said she was leafing through the magazine when she made a most unladylike noise
when she found this page:

Normally the designers chosen use artists and stamps from Sweden but this talented young woman used ME and also an image from MO (which I didnt get a copy of) still its pretty exciting thatTWO AMerican designers were used.

I was very excitedand was able to exchange a couple of emails with the person that had used my image-Its Verushka Valentine BTW and did such a good job that I got a fill page picture of my digi in her finishd project so how exciting is that????

We shard this on the Facebook fan page but I don't believe I had blogged it so here it is as todays item.

Now check THIS out----Monique our mad Dutch Woman-sent in these pictures of her snowy garden and look whoshowed up...recognize this sad fellow???

Yup---looks like SAD FROSTY to me as well!

This is Karen C's version of it-one of my loyal fans and friends on our Facebook Fan site-she works with Paulette who creates word art-I have mentioned her before-they came up with the winning combo for the NOEL OUTHOUSE 2012...via Paulette;s newletter and she gave away the sentiment to anyone who bought my Image.

A little business-it was brought to my attention by Monique---that there was a nasty speck on the Prince of Chrismas Image near Santa's belly-I have fixed iot but if you bought the image and would like the cleaned up version email me at and let me know-Iwill look up your order and send it out...Thanks again to MO for letting me know about that.

Guess thats it for today-Caroline and Donna tied for the daily prize someone must stop this Juggernaut of prize snatching-is there not one super hero than can beatthese women to the punch? LOL....Have fun y'all....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 7 creepmas blog Hop

I was told today that it is politacally incorrect to Remember Pearl Harbor day and if we have a day honoring THAT event-the Japanese should have a Nagasaki/Hiroshima day---well, they DO---complete with somber bell ringing and lots of ceremony-I think we lay a wreath on the Arizona in Pearl Harbor and thats about it.

Today in Newhall, a little community north of me the managemnt removed the Chrsitmas Tree from the rec room of a Seniors home-they took away their Christmas tree!!!!! Why, because it was politically incorrect...after huge outcry from the southern California community they put it back.

I grew up at a time when the Jewish kid in my school played a wiseman in the Christmas Pageant-no Christmas Pageants anymore, no mangers or Trees in the public Parks---I remember when the streets were festooned with lights and good will---no longer-its all changed.

It doesn't matter what you celebrate at this festive time of year-doesnt have to be religious-why not just celebrate the joy of friends, family and fellowship without any dogma?

So today I am reminding you that we have anew challenge called winter in white-be sure to stop by Sparkle and Glitter and check out the samples by the EDT-I even did a sample project using our sponsors image-can you name the sponsor?

This is a virtual project-I hand coloured the image with my Spectrum Noirs and then scanneed at 600 dpi-I used some elements from ITKUPILLI who does super digital collage elements and put the whole thing together in Adobe CS5.

Here's a close up of the image so you can see the bruise I put on his little noggin.
And below is a 2nd version with a differant colour way.

For my EDT image today I would like to share this one:

This is CATHAY as done by Aletha Jane---one of my politically incorrect images since she is Asian inspired abd is holding a fortune cookie and the fortune out of it.

While there are things I would never do there are other things that just escape me as to WHY they are bad or wrong----usually my art is about things that I find pretty or interesting but fortune cookies and pagodas and chinoiserrie in general are a part of American culture and to me have nothing to do with stereotypes.

SO enjoy the hop-I think Caroline and Donna are neck in neck on daily prizes so some of you need to get in there and challenge these two.

Do smething frosty and Sparkly and enter the challenge you have two weeks to get your entry in.

Have fun and go do something politically incorrect on purpose...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here comes day 6

I have heard lots of nice comments about our first annual CREEPMAS blog hop-glad that everyone is enjoying the strange and creepy ride.

Let me give all credit to my wonderful deisgn team which stretches from here in California way south to Austrailia across the states and into Canada and finally to the UK, Scotland, Holland and Sweden.

This diverse and carefully selected group of women are all talented, creative and wonderfully caring people and without them much of what we do would not be possible.

If you havn't visited the challenge blog at Sparkle and Glitter I hope you will do so-there are handy links in the sidebars-the twice montly challenges are all judged by the EDT members and we have 3 prizes for winning designs and one randomly selected "entry prize" usually provided by a sponsor company.

The design team also hosts my fan page on facebook "RICK ST DENNIS DIGI FANS AND FRIENDS" as well as other interest groups.

I have been featuring a project from an EDT member on this blog during the hop and today I will give you a preview of our upcoming WINTER IN WHITE CHALLENGE starting December 7, 2012 at Sparkle and Glitter>

This card is done by Elaine Lienhart the very first EDT member who has stayed around all these years using my SANTA WITH PIPE digi-I think its lovely and there are many other spectacular samples which will be on view come Friday at the challenge blog.

My project for this blog is the one I wanted to post yesterday and got waylayed by an uncooperative camera-so I had to scan my projects.

My sister had sent me a note and commented that she doesn't have any nice notecards anymore and never thinks to buy any-that's the sort of comment that immediatly goes in my gift ideas folder in my brain.

My sister is of somewhat conservative tastes so I decided to make her some notecards using images I thought she would like-she loves kids especially-and I did them with simple folds of white vellum cardstock a quick black and white frame and my hand coloured digis on Nennah Solar White linen 80lb card-coloured of course with Spectrim Noir pens.

It also has a cute window box to hold the set which I can't show you because you can't scan 3D items very well...yet.

The first sets include Randi Dandi BERNADETTE and
COLLETTE as well as a selection of EURO KIDS.

I used the entire FS (flesh) range most of the GB (gold Brown) and TN (tans), many CR (coral). TB (True Blue) and LG (light Greens).

I also used the Dark Reds, Oranges, Citrus Yellows. Light Yellows and some Turquoise and Pinks (both Light and Bright).

Like many artists I tend to have favorite colours and for me its the neutrals like the Ice greys NS eArth Browns.

I think the little euro girl with the duck (PAULINE) is one of my favorites-you may not know that the original EURO GIRLS digis were named for the design team members.

Now each time a new design team member joins the "club" they recieve a EURO GIRL of their own-the most popular of the designs has been GLORIA'S but the most popular of the EURO design group is the Clown Troupe by far.

The version above was done by Suzi McKenzie-Hazel also did a version for her Spectrim Noir Tutorial.

You get the idea and I suspect my Sis will never use any of the cards she will probably frame a couple so they are all signed just like "art prints" should be.

Enjoy your hopping today and look for the mystery image somewhere in EDT land-have fun!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

art for art's sake

I thought I would get away from Digis and colouring for a day and share some of my art works that I have entered in various contest on the internet and specifically have won public favorite awards.

There are pen and ink drawing colouredwith Prismacolour and enhanced in Photoshop.

Le Cirque

For many years Clowns were the center of my work and the most popular of my pieces at art shows---this is funny because when it was obvious that I wouldpursue a career in the arts my Mother said, "Whatever you do don't paint clowns or bowls of fruit!"

The still lifes were never a big deal but clowns paid the rent many times and I have sold them to some famous clown collectors like Red Skelton and Frank Sinatra.

This particular little clown with his cat has won about 5 times in various contests-I think the colours are what sell it.

This DRAGON is very typical of the fantasy art I have done and still do-mermaids, wizards and dragons also have been some of my most common subjects.

The fantasy digis I now sell have been steady sellers akthough people seem to like the more traditionl images and not the cutsey dragons so much...

A Pierrot with a rose was my trademark for most of my career-it's only recently that I have let that go---pierrots are very specific french clowns and shouldn't be confused with Mimes.

Finally there is this very intense Medusa:

I had won the popular choice award three or four times in a row on a particular site and this piece broke that camels back and I was banned for a year from entering the contests so someone else would have a chance---that seems only fair and frankly since these were blind contests with no names connected to the art it was only good for the ego boost and the free art supplies.

All that is appropro of nothing and is mostly tredding water since I didnt have a project ready for out here tonight>

From the EDT here is NATTI done by Aletha Jane-Aletha handle most of the social media stuff and satallite groups on various NING sites like Paper Craft Planet---I think she does MARVELOUS COLOURING...

Donna won again yesterday and took home the digis-we'll see who wins today
Have fun and enjoy the hop-Smeared and Smudged is hoppingtoday so lots to look at!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Creepmas Blog Day 4 - Tuesday

My how fast the days fly by...

I loved the card Elaine made so much I decided to do a companion piece called THE CHRISTMAS BONNET 1898 and its in my Etsy shoppe HERE.

This is my sample project with the image:

I tried to stay with red, greens and golden tones as much as possible-this is all Spectrum Noir and I used pretty much the entire LG, GB and DR range as well as the flesh tones.

For my EDT project I though this Victorian insoired card byHazel would be a nice partner for the hat card-this uses my Remembrance Angel and I love theway she has coloured the image and the papers she has used.

I'm keeping it short and simple for today-don't forget the contest-I've uploaded several new images in the Etsy shoppe and I know we have some great projects today so enjoy your journey and see you all tomorrow.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Monday-Blog hop,day 3

Caroline was the winner of yesterdays daily prize-she won the 2 Randi Dandi images and the Snowman greetings digi-congrads!

Today here in no creepmas land I have some semi creepmas bookmarks for you.

I actually LIKE bookmarks-I get so tired of sticking the gas bill or some sales recipt in my books-I once actually lost a check and found it about 10 years later holding my place in a book which I, obviously, never finished.

I am such a dim wit some times-I drew up the images but did I scan them-NO, I went directly to colouring so I won't be sellling this particular set of creepy bo0okmarks but with Christmas upon us its always good to have a few little gifties around.
By popular request I had redrawn the set of bookmarks and added an elf design-I am offering it as a sheet with the whole set at one price-you can find the set HERE.

What tickled my brain was Santa caught in the doors of an elevator-I don't know why that image assailed me but there it was so I also did a reindeer and finally a snowman to finish the original set.

Again I used my Spectrum Noir pens-mostly the warm greyss and Golden Browns, deep reds and lots of blues on the snowman-some turquise and teal shades and corals for accents here and there.

I was really pleased at how the colours came out on the crazy Reindeer. That backgroun is the 3 orange pens glazed with yellow.

These images are really long and narrow about 9 inches tall and less than 2 inches wide-i fussy cut them after colouring and glued them to blank card stock-pin dots on the face and big white polka dots on black for the backing-ofcourse the seam binding and some mood tickets for accents and rhinestones-I do love sparkle. The digi set has image print ready at less than 8 inches tall but of course they can be sized to your needs using whatever program you like for manipulating digis.

I have a couple more bookmarks later in the hop on Airless Chambers.

I have also been sharing an EDT image out here and luckily ELAINE LIENHART sent me a Christmas Card she just made called Christmas Style made with the new 1935 hat digi-I love the expression she got with her colouring and using the image for a holiday card-I always like it when we show versetility.

Thanks Elaine for this lovely card!

Hope you're emjoying the hops and all the fun projects? There were some interesting ones yesterday on both Smeared and Smudged AND the official Creepmas hop-I managed to look at all 3 paths-great fun!

Don't forget to check out Hazel's blog-she has a drawing for all 13 of the wonderful ATC cards she is doing for our hop-That wouold be a great prize to win!
Hazel, like many of the EDT members makes and sells her cards and has an ETSY shoppe.

Theres a new roll out image on one of the EDT blogs so find it and rush back and post the what and where on MY blog so you can be todays winner.

I have to go now and decide which of my many remaining projects to post today.

Creep along now and get some fabulicious inspirations...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Hop Day 2

Yesterday was a great first day and we appreciate the many great comments and visitors.

The daily prize was almost won by "Bonnie" but for some reason she removed her correct answer and never posted on MY blog so the winner turns out to be VICKY F.

The new images were the Alice and my 2013 so VICKY F will recv the ALICE image AND The Prince of Christmas which was featured on this blog since my daily image was a freebie.

Remember you must be the first person to post on both the EDT members blog and My blog AIRLESS CHAMBERS with the information about what the roll out image is and where you found it.

The facebook image contest for the newsletter members was won by Elenor S. it was very hard to decide since we had only a few entries and all were good in their own right so I picked a name out of a hat-literally and Elenor was the winner so she will also get the two images from yesterday (Alice and Prince).

Thanks to all who played and there are still 12 daily prizes so keep your eyes peeled for the new image.

For my post today here on my blog I decided to colour up and make a card out of TURTLE TREE a very popular little design that almost got tossed in the bin.

Several fans had asked for more "Cute animals" while I was still in deepHalloween mode but I kept having 2 images run across the drawing board in my skull-one was an angel pig and the other a silly turtle with a Christmas tree tied to his back;

I purposely coloured this according to the suggestions at Spectrum Noir-I worked from Dark to Light for the most part and besides getting sculpting into the drawing I wanted a sense of a stronger light force from the front of the turtle and a cooler reflected light from the rear which is tricky since you have to plan for both way in advance.

I used a wide range of light greens, warm and cool greys, tans and Golden Browns, some corals and deep Reds and random accent colours-I also decided to augment the drawn ornamnts with swarovski rhinestones on the Christmas tree-sorry they dont show better.
(spectrum Noir LG 1 thru 5,BT 6 and 7,DR 2 thru 6,IG 1, IG 3,CR6,IB1,BG 1 and 2,CT3EB2 and probably a few more I grabbed and forgot-I have a full set plus some extras)

I have entered this project in the SPECTRUM NOIR Animal Challenge.

I also decided since the colours were so striking I would go for a black and white selection fo papers and keep the card less teaditional-I'm pretty pleased with it all in all.

Another design that almost didnt't make it to the shop is North Pole HoeDown-here is a sample done by Hazel Thomson.

I thought it might be too limiting a design due to expectations of traditional Christmas Colours but having since seen a number of versions I find that its only MY mind that is limited and most designers allow themsleves a lot of latitude when colouring images-so we have had Mrs Santa in springy, autumnal and designer colour ways-even tis one has bright green drawers so there you have it!

Have a great hop today...and prize winners contact me as usual for your prizes